Students brought all of their belongings home with them ono the last day of school for Easton and Woodburn.  Please feel free to bring those things to the Open House on April 2 from 4:00-6:00 PM.  Open House is a great opportunity to see the school and classrooms and find our where desks are located.  Bring your things and fill your desks.  This place is just a building without
Yes, students who attended MBGC will be able to ride a bus from Eastwood to the club each day.  Students will ride bus 287 and will be dropped off at the front of the club just as they did
Each morning during arrival and each evening during dismissal there will be teachers and other support staff at the bus entrance and the car entrance to assist students.  On the first day, April 3, all faculty and staff will be wearing white Eastwood shirts to help make them more recognizable.  We have scheduled people from both Easton and Woodburn to be at each entrance so students will see a familiar face upon arrival.  This practice will continue for the re
Students will bring their books and personal belongings home on March 19 and then bring them to Eastwood on April 3, 2013.  We are treating April 3 as the first day of school just like at the beginning of the year.  It will be exciting to see where their desks are and put a personal touch on their desks and lockers!  Yes, LOCKERS!!!  All students in grades 1-5 will have a locker!
Yes, we will have a program called Kidematics. Please look for information about Kidematics to come home in the new Eastwood folders on March 19.
No.  All students will remain with their class and their teacher at Eastwood.  We hope this makes for an easy transition to our new, beautiful school!  We can't wait for the students to see it!
Dismissal begins at 2:50.  Look for a letter to come home this week.  It will include a traffic flow map as well as a letter explaining the car rider procedure.  It is very important that Woodburn families who wish to be car riders fill out the form and return to school as soon as possible.  This form will allow us to assign you a number that will identify you as the person permitted to pick up your child.  Easton families, you do not have to fill out a form.  Your numbers will remain the same but you will recieve a new blue card for dismissal.
Mrs. Hartshorn will send a letter home on Thursday, March 7 which will include the new bus schedules.  They will also be on the Monongalia County Schools website very soon.  You can access it here,, and then click on the yellow school bus.  Any questions about the schedules can be answered by the bus garage.  Please call them at
We are so excited for you to see your new school!  We have planned an open house for you and the students to see Eastwood prior to the opening on April 3.  Please join us for an Open House on Tuesday, April 2nd from 4:00-6:00PM.  You will have the opportunity to tour the entire school.  Students will have the chance to locate their classrooms and see what their teacher has created for them!  We hope you can join us for the exciting
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a building
certification process developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit
organization (not a government agency) headquartered in Washington,

The USGBC developed the LEED certification process to enhance
environmental awareness among architects and building contractors, and to
encourage the design and construction of energy-efficient, water-conserving
buildings that use sustainable or green resources and materials.

The LEED certification process uses a point system to determine the
environmental merits of a building; there are different rating systems for
homes, commercial buildings, interior renovations, schools, neighborhood
developments, and other construction projects.

For most projects, there are four levels of LEED certification, depending on
how many points the project has earned: certified, silver, gold or platinum.
According to the USGBC, there are nine key areas measured by LEED:
 Sustainable Sites

 Water Efficiency 
 Energy and Atmosphere
Materials and Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Location and Linkages
Awareness and Education
Innovation in Design
Regional Priority

Eastwood Elementary will be a silver certified school.